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Truly Great Coffee

3 Things That Make A Truly Great Cup Of Coffee

- fresh coffee beans

- good roasting technique

- awesome brewing

3 Facts About Coffee You May Not Have Known

- the roasting process gives the coffee its distinct characteristic

- the bad taste that coffee may have comes from the acids in the bean dissolving early in the brewing process

- to make truly fresh coffee, the beans should be between 4 days & 2 weeks old 



Joe By The Pound Coffee 


When I opened my first coffee shop, I saw the profound effect that coffee had on my customers, everyone there with a common goal - to get a great cup of Joe. Much like the soothing music playing in the background - coffee is a community thing, a universal language that people from all over the world speak and understand.


What makes Joe By The Pound (#joebythelb) taste so good? Our coffee boasts handcrafted blends and infusions to be brewed with the finest 100% Arabica beans from around the world. Our goal is to please your palette one cup at a time.



- Marcel Townsel


Joe By The Pound Coffee

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


For Joe By The Pound, it's important where our coffee beans come from - because we take pride in providing you with the best product to allow you to brew the most flavorful tasting cup of coffee

It is essential that our coffee is derived from sustainable sources. Because our beans come from around the globe, one important advantage is the ability to back local growers within that country/region to provide them with the opportunity to support their family 


Being an organization that cares is important to us!





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